Feb 24, 2012

Picture Friday

Owhh..this is nothing..really..in particular..It's just something that i had in mind (or should i say..my HP) :P

This is Mr.Froggy

Nasib baik ujan sudah berenti..kalau tidak confirm begini la ptg nie

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Feb 14, 2012

Lov3 is in The Air ! Happy Valentine's Day!

Helo everyone!

Guess what? Today is a valentine's day! (well, everybody know it..rite)..so guys, what's your plan for today?

Originally, because it is valentine's day..i want to write something romantic as an entry, but then again i remember..i got lotsa work to do *cough2* (not really :p).

Well, not to worry guys! I've got something up my sleeve, and it should solve all the problems..hehe.

Ok, here's the thing..

Every relationship has its up and down..but it’s all depends on how both parties to spice things up..so if things aren't good between you and your partner right now, then this might be just the thing to slowly melt the ice between you two..or if things are already good, this will strengthen your relationship even further; but don’t be afraid, there is nothing expensive on this list so there is no excuse not to give this a shot.

So, if you think it's hard to be romantic partner? then think again..

Here are a list of 50 things you can do to express your love and be a romeo (or juliet)!. :P

1. Write "I love you" in the steam on the bathroom mirror after he takes a shower.

2. Offer a back massage with some good smelling lotion.

3. Write a poem. Then use Google Translator to translate a poem into either French or Italian. Then handwrite it out with the translation on the back side. Or better yet, greet your partner at night and read it to them with passion and then hand them the translation.

4. While in public, declare "I love you, Matilda!" (not Matilda, but your partner's name.)

5. Make a CD with a few songs that are meaningful to your relationship.

6. Invite him to take a bath complete with bubbles, champagne, candles, and maybe a little Barry White. (the music, not actually Barry White in your tub.)

7. Surprise her at work and take her out to lunch, maybe take-out food in the park or maybe to a little diner, for a midday romantic interlude.

8. Put together a little gift on his pillow: chocolate and a note that says "Your love is like chocolate: sweet and delicious."

9. If your partner has a work presentation at an off site location, have flowers and a note of support delivered there.

10. Dedicate a song to him on the radio and send him an email telling him when to listen.

11. Cook a special love meal of your partner's favorite foods. Play his favorite music and turn the lights low for a romantic dinner.

12. Give your partner a pedicure and foot rub.

13. Send a text message or email that says "I love you!"

14. Mail a card and inside write down the top 10 things you love about your partner.

15. Give him a picture of you for his wallet that says "I love you."

16. Leave a love note in her car telling her to have a great day.

17. Carve your initials in a tree.

18. When your partner least expects it, give him a great big kiss, even if it's in public!

19. Go see a romantic movie, sit in the back row, hold hands, and cuddle.

20. King for a Day/ Queen for a Day. Declare that you will dedicate a particular day just to your partner to do whatever they want. Maybe start with breakfast in bed.

21. Buy a tree and invite your partner to plant it with you explaining that this tree represents the love between you both that will grow over the years.

22. In the midst of talking about how your days went, the chores that need to be done, etc. interrupt and say "I have something important to tell you. I love you and here's why." Then list 5 things (or more) that you really appreciate about your partner. Finish with a kiss and say, "Ok, so you were talking about the water heater."

23. Write an old fashioned love letter and mail it. Be romantic and lavish. Have some fun with it.

24. Before going to a party together come up with some secret code words you can use during conversation. You can be telling each other "I can't wait to get you alone tonight!" without anyone knowing!

25. Find a hotel that has a jacuzzi and book it for a one night getaway somewhere close but fun.

26. Place an ad in the classifieds declaring your love. Then take the newspaper, wrap it in a bow, and put a little note on it saying what page to look on.

27. Blindfold surprise. Blindfold your partner and drive them to the place where you had your first date, and have that date all over again!

28. Write a love poem for her.

29. Make an early valentine. Cut out some paper in the shape of a heart. Write something sweet on it in red and put it in her purse or his briefcase.

30. If your partner is going on a business trip secretly hide a love note inside their luggage.

31. Offer to help them with some dreaded chore they must complete and make it into a fun time maybe with some music. (cleaning out the basement, raking the leaves, shoveling after a big snow storm, giving the dog a bath, washing the car, etc.)

32. Do something romantic and spontaneous, like picking a flower and giving it to her right on the spot.

33. Invent a meal and name it after him or her.

34. Buy some body paint and write your love message on your body.

35. Record yourself reading a romantic love poem for your honey. Then give your partner a CD and tell them to play it in the car on their way to work.

36. Make a small postcard sized love collage. Then cover it with clear packing tape. Write a love message on the other side and mail it!

37. Keep a box with mementos of fun things you've done together. Later when the box is filled, arrange them on a board and have it framed.

38. Buy some underwear with special messages on it. Or buy your own and paint a special picture or message with fabric paints.

39. Make a donation to charity in the name of your love for your partner. Give your sweetheart a card that tells how grateful you are to share your life with her.

40. Keep a box with special cards, letters, photographs, and other mementos. On your anniversary or on
Valentine's day take a little time to share fond memories together as you review the contents.

41. Create a mindmap of all the things you love about your partner and make it into a card.

42. Take a walk on the beach together. Run up ahead and write a message in the sand, and then call your partner to see what you "found."

43. Say "I love you" often, slowly, and with feeling.

44. Play hooky together. You work hard. Now today take a day to work easy at just sharing some fun time together. Call it an "I love you day."

45. Send an e-card to your sweetie to brighten his day. Here are free e-card resources: Apple iCards, BlueMountain, Hallmark.

46. Make little "I love you" posters with either crayons, markers, collage, paint, whatever. Post them in surprising places: the bathroom, the closet, the car, under her pillow, on her pillow.

47. Create a small website or blog dedicated to your partner. Write a short love message each day for a month...or forever.

48. Complete that chore or favor that your partner has wanted you to do for a long time.

49. Be super kind for a whole day. Act like you would with a new love, a child, or a frail person. Show lots of kindness, generosity, and love no matter what for a whole day.

50. Take an interest in your partner's interests. For a woman it might be watching a football game with your guy. And for men it might be going to see a chick-flick. Do it with a spirit of enthusiasm and love.

Have fun guys! xDD

Feb 3, 2012

Eleven Q from Chegu

W'sup Yo!!

Haha..saya rasa macam lama betul pula saya tidak berblogging..Well, i don't know what's happens to me lately... Sometimes i feel like i want to retire from blogging world bah..uh..please don't get the wrong idea about it..saya cuma terasa sangat2 malas mo update blog ni..entah la kenapa..i think the real reason must be due to long holiday/vacation..besa la, kalau cuti t'lampau lama ni..mo kerja pun jadi malas..

Hehe..bah, jangan pening2..anyway, since u see me here! Let's consider it, i'm BACK n KICKIN' alright!..bah, that's settle it!

C chegu carol ada tag saya ari tu..sa rasa mo buat la, saya tidak suka ni berhutang lama2 dengan urang (padahal ages suda ni) xDD..

1. Do you read your monthly zodiac?

Not really..i only read it if i happen to come across some of them in magazines or articles.

2.  Organized or messy?

Depending on my weather (for many people actually) or my mood to be exact *big smile*..oh, and also my likeness level of doing something..for instance, if i'm doing something that i like, i might do it perfectly, nice n tidy somemore..if i don't like doing that job or it makes me feel like im doing a chores..i tend to make it cincai2 seja *evil grin*..haha!

3. Hot or cold?

I like it cold :D..i tend to get migraine/headache in summer (ada summer meh di malaysia? haha!)

4. Feng shui believer?

Sikit2 la..tp tidak la terlampau obses..i believe something that lead to somewhat logical.

5. Bad habit that I’m still trying to curb?

I dunno..i definitely have some bad habit (unconsciously), but i'm not sure what is it..nanti saya tanya gf saya ah xD..and i'm still ok, i don't think i'm trying to curb it.

6. How does winning a million dollar will affect/change you?

One will never know until they had one..amirite? hehe.

7. What kind of music accompany you when driving on long distance?

Any catchy song, asal jangan bikin mengantuk bilang c janrywine (mcm d kk)..haha!

8. Do you have regrets about something in the past?

Never regret something that once made you smile...as we grow older, it's not the things we did that we often regret, but the things we didn't do. That's why God created tomorrows for us makes things up..- not mine..taken from somewhere else :P

9. How do you take a compliment by someone you dislike?

Ko la tengkiu..tengkiu2 la kamu semua..haha!

10. You love yourself? Why?

Haha..if i say yes, does it makes me a narcissistic? ahaha..

11. Do you mind telling your age?

Astaga..mau juga ka ni..yala2..i'm 28 years old..tua suda nie..tiapa la, yang penting hati muda..haha,

Yayyy! Done!
*Big Grin*


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