Jul 28, 2011

Bapak's New Gadget

Hari selasa baru-baru ni my bapak ada call, dia bilang mau "Samsung Galaxy Tab". So, kemarin saya pigi la cari di Midvalley, puas saya survey harga dan pakej. Semua harga dalam range RM 1599-RM 1450 (mahal juga ni barang). Dia ada dua jenis WiFi + 3G dan WiFi only. Ada jual yang Original set dan ada yang jual AP set. Tempat paling murah adalah di depan Carrefour Mid, kedai c eric (kawan saya pernah beli HP dengan dia, so kenal la sikit-sikit). Saya pun tanya dia:

Me: Taiko sini ada jual Galaxy Tab ka?

Eric: Ada maa..tapi mau order la..saya sini kedai tak ada stock.

Me: Oo..berapa harga?

Eric: U mau AP set ka Ori set? Kalau AP set RM 1450.. Ori set RM 1550.

Me: Kalau order berapa lama sampai?

Eric: Petang lo..sikijap ah..saya call dulu, mau check, ada stock ka tidak.

(Dia pun sibuk la call..cakap cina)

Eric: Ada tinggal satu saja oo..kalau mau cepat..kalau tidak "Hai hai, Bye Bye" (Lawak juga c eric ni)

Me: Kejap ah eric..saya contact saya punya bapak dulu.

(Mesej bapak..and then dia reply "Wokei dookei")

Eric: So, apa cerr??

Me: Boleh la eric..saya angkat yang Ori punya. Bila boleh sampai ni?

Eric: Oh oraite! Petang u datang sini la, jam 5 macam tu.

Me: Ala, kasi cepat sikit la..saya jam 4.30 suda mau balik kerja oo.

Eric: Ok ok..i try suruh tu orang hantar laju sikit la, suruh dia bawak macam itu 'crazy frog'.

Me: Haha..yala eric. ini contact number, nanti u call saya ah.

Eric: Buli bah kalau kau!

Selepas itu, ngam-ngam jam 4 dia call. Then saya pun pegi la ambil.

Ini la barang dia tu, lebih kurang macam Ipad.

Ok la, that's all. Bai! :D

Jul 25, 2011

10 Proven Ways To Improve Men Attractiveness

This is not mine. All credit goes to Ekimkee

After all, sharing is caring rite? Enjoy.. ^_^

I just read the article below regarding 10 proven ways to improve men attractiveness. Perhaps you already knew most of the ways mentioned below. But I still found it is interesting and would like to share it with you. I'm not sure whether they can help, but definitely some of them are and I only practicing 3 points among them. 

Men, if you would like to improve your attractiveness, perhaps you may want to try them out.

1. Remove Excess Body Hair

A study conducted that investigated women's preferences regarding men's physical traits found that when shown photographs of men with varying amounts of body hair, women gave higher ratings to those with less and less. Ratings for attractiveness tended to decrease as the amount of chest and abdominal hair increased. To look better topless before a big date, shave the night before, wax a couple of days earlier, or start investing in laser hair removal or thinking about other hair removal trend in general.

2. Brood For Short-Term Pairings

In one study, when women were asked to rank photographs of men in terms of carnal sexual attraction rather than for long term relationship potential, the women selected men who looked broody or proud as being more appealing than smiling men. The takeaway message here is that if you're looking for a short-term fling or a one night stand, being a little moody might make things easier.

3. Smile For Long-Term Relationships

Non-ovulating women seeking long-term relationships find feminized male faces attractive. Evolutionary psychologists postulate that a warmer, more inviting male face may suggest an increased tendency toward prosocial behavior (more likely to stick around for the long haul). Men in the market for a serious, committed relationship should therefore aim to demonstrate that they're a nice guy. The quickest way to look like you're able to look good in potential wedding photos, of course, is to smile.

4. Wear Shoes With Half-Inch Heels

Although your female friends might tell you that personality is what really counts, research has revealed that women show a strong preference toward men who are taller than them. This finding doesn't mean you have to be a pro basketball player to have lots of luck with the ladies, but it does suggest that you can waste less time finding a date by confining your search to women who are a couple of inches shorter than you. You can also give yourself more of a height advantage by slipping on a pair of loafers with a half-inch heel.

5. Stand Up Straight

Similar to the way women show a tendency toward taller men, they also look for men with superior posture. There may be several reasons why improving your posture could increase your chances with the opposite sex. Notably, straightening your spine obviously makes you seem taller, but it also might make you appear more confident, more dominant and more open to being approached.

6. Create A Masculine Jaw

Women in the most fertile phase of their cycle appear to prefer men with chiseled jawlines. Scientists hypothesize that the high testosterone levels responsible for the appearance of masculine facial traits at puberty also suppress immune functioning, meaning that men with this facial feature may have strong immune systems and therefore be a good catch from a genetic perspective. 

Men with small chins can use facial hair to create the look of a more prominent jawline. More specifically, a beard that covers the chin area will add volume to a smaller face and make it seem very manly.

7. Use Facial Hair To Promote Symmetry

A huge body of research supports the notion that women find men with symmetrical faces more attractive. Scientists theorize that facial symmetry may be a signal to women that a man is healthy and therefore a good choice for a mate. To create a more symmetrical-looking mug, try playing around with the hair on your face. 

Men who favor a clean shave, for example, should take care not to leave patches of hair on their faces. Those with beards and mustaches can experiment with different looks to determine which styles help create more balance between the two halves of their face. Finally, don't forget to tweeze your brows as grooming them is one of the quickest ways to significantly alter your appearance for the better.

8. Use Clothes To Create A V-Shape

In study after study, v-shaped bodies are deemed more attractive by women. The ideal v-shaped body has a waist-to-hip ratio of approximately 0.9-1.0 and a chest-to-waist ratio of around 1.33. While exercising should represent your primary strategy for achieving your ultimate body, you can also fake a better body with the right clothes. To give the impression of broader shoulders, invest in a couple of well-tailored blazers and live in them. If your focus is on slimming your torso, favor v-neck tops that skim over your body so it doesn’t fit too loosely or tightly.

9. Don't Put On Too Much Cologne

The way you smell may play an important role in whether or not a given woman will be attracted to you. Some studies on the science of scent and attraction have suggested that women unconsciously use their sense of smell to determine how different genetically a man is from them (essentially, the more different your genetic material is, the more attracted to you she will be). The trick here is to let your natural smell come through as much as possible in order to attract a woman with whom you'll have dynamite chemistry, so spritz on cologne with a light hand.

10. Exercise

If you consider yourself a player or you would like to become one, it's time to start logging more time at the gym, as studies have shown that women looking for a short-term fling gravitate toward muscular males. Fortunately, as long as you're willing to put in regular sweat sessions and eat properly, a cut body is an achievable goal for most guys. Do be careful, however, not to overdo it, as research has shown that women prefer toned men to ultra-muscular guys.

If you want to be success, don't think too much but action. Have a nice day, folks!

Jul 15, 2011

Bukan keberanian tapi kebuduan

This is what happens if you wear MU jersey at Liverpool Asia Tour 2011..hehehe..

Bah, aki ada brani?? ko pakai la jersey chelsea masa match Liverpool nanti..hahaha

Jul 12, 2011

Movie di Hujung Minggu


Last weekend saya memburing satu hari ni di rumah, mau keluar pun takut terperangkap dalam traffic jam, banyak road block di KL ni..Ala,yang anu tu ba..BERSIH? CUCI? hehehe..jadi banyak la durang buat road block..haiiiya,.mo gao cho ah lei..
So, untuk mengisi masa lapang saya pun buat la movie marathon, actually saya banyak download movie tapi nda t'tinguk pun., teda masa bha. Movie yang saya tinguk adalah :

Movie 1 - Beastly
Movie 2 - Priest
Movie 3 - Unknown
Movie 4 - Due Date

Hehehe...sekarang ni saya pun mau buat review la kunun-kunun ni (ingat kamurang ja bulih buat review? saya pun bulih bha..haha)

First, saya tinguk cerita Beastly, cerita ni agak ringan, simple dan slow. Cerita dia agak boring juga la..tapi kalau kamurang suka love story, mebi kamu suka la cerita ni. But honestly for me, that's all i can say, konsep ceritanya lebih kurang macam 'Beauty and The Beast' atau cerita yang ada putera katak tu..Hah, gitu la lebih kurang cerita dia.Ada saturang ensemboy ni kaya tapi sombong, berlagak dan suka pandang rendah sama urang, and one day dia kena sumpahan jadi bida@nda hansam. Then, dia kena cari urang yang bulih 'lebiu' dia dalam masa 1 tahun, sekiranya tidak berjaya, dia akan jadi bida@inda ensom untuk seumur hidupnya.

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10 (5/10) Okay

Cerita priest ni mengisahkan tentang peperangan yang tercetus di antara manusia dan vampire yang suda berlarutan berkurun-kurun lamanya. Selepas perang terakhir antara mereka, warrior priest punya anak buah ni di culik oleh vampire. Lepas tu of course la dia pun pegi cari kan, then dia pun berlawan la dengan vampire-vampire ni. Emm, overall storyline dia bulih tahan, tapi kurang berkembang. Climax ending dia pun tidak seberapa, simple, rasa macam gantung ja ni, sepatutnya durang bulih buat cerita ni jadi cerita perang yang thrill. Ala, mcm anu bah..LOTR ka..cerita-cerita Epic gitu la, but...sadly, durang tidak buat pun. Benda yang kita expect tu tidak kesampaian..hemm..apa bulih buat kan.

Overall Rating - 6 out of 10 (6/10) ---> Not Bad

Plot cerita dia sangat menarik dan membuatkan anda tertanya-tanya, cerita tentang seorang ahli saintis@doktor yang terlibat dalam kemalangan sesampai seja dia di Berlin dan sebaik saja beliau keluar dari hostipal, ada urang telah menyamar jadi 'dia', urang tu guna nama yang sama, karier yang sama, ada memori yang sama. Even bini dia pun nda kenal dia..haha..teruk kan. Cerita ni memang twisted la, so kalau mau tengok cerita ni kena fokus, b'coz everything happened for a reason, cerita ni agak misteri la, storyline dia pun bagus ni, sangat sesuai di tinguk bersama keluarga tercinta di hujung minggu..hehe.

Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10 (Good)

Due Date
Cerita mengisahkan tentang seorang lelaki segak (Peter) yang terserempak dengan seorang lagi lelaki yang buduh (Ethan) di airport dan disebabkan satu pekara si Peter ni terpaksa la tumpang si Ethan untuk kejar masa pigi ke California sebab bini dia mau bersalin, memang sakit hati o kalau travel dengan urang gini, tapi lawak ni..sebab si Ethan memang buduh..sangat..haha. Sampai si Peter pun bulih jadi terikut-ikut buduh. Mati la kalau urang begini betul-betul wujud di dunia ni..hahaha. Sepanjang si Peter ni travel la sama-sama si Ethan, banyak benda yang buduh, lucu, geram, bikin geli, yang berlaku. Kalau kamurang suka tinguk movie yang funny and light, this one is for you..ehehe.

Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10 (Good)

Bah, itu sja la..see ya next time!

Jul 8, 2011

Freaky Friday

Kamusta ang buhay? Hehe, if u ask me..i'm just fine..tq :)

Bah, mau cerita sikit ni, tadi pagi waktu jalan mau pigi kerja saya dengan cool n selambanya telah membuatkan ramai kereta lain jem..haha..Mau tau kenapa? Apa yang telah saya buat?

Ok gini ceritanya, mula-mula saya jalan la dari rumah mcm biasa..and then sampai la di tol LDP menuju ke Federal Highway. FYI, saya ni guna 'touch n go', so saya pun pergi la ke lorong 'Touch n go & Tunai'..bulih buat dua payment, guna 'touch n go' atau cash. Sampai seja di tol tu, penjaga tol tu buat la hand gesture "hitch hiking" tu suru pigi depan untuk bayar tol sebab di depan pun ada kaunter tol.

 begini la kunun2 tangan dia

Saya pun maju la ke depan, but i totally forgot yang saya ni guna 'touch n go', depan tu hanya untuk bayar tunai seja. Alamak, macam mana ni? Suda telebih 2 meter suda ni kereta dari kaunter sebelum ni. Hehe, so dengan muka yang selamba saya pun masuk la gear reverse (walaupun kereta belakang bebaris suda ni hon-hon)..Hahaha..Paduli la kamu sana.

 banyak suda ni kereta b'susun

Jadi saya pun slow-slow la gostan dan sampai ngam2 ja ngan panel untuk "touch n go". Saya pun buka la tingkap dgn muka cool and tidak bersalah..:p
Tiba2, ntah macam mana pulak bulih2 ni card terjatuh.."Oh! Shit!"..Mati la ni, suda la jem belakang ni..macam mana pula bulih jatuh kad ni " Ahh..Demmit!"
Waktu tu, sempat juga la saya jeling tengok muka penjaga tol tu, dia pun buat muka blur ja ni..muka no feel, mesti dalam ati dia bilang "apa jugak yang budak ni buat ni.."..huh...

 lebih kurang gini la muka blur dia tu

Mebi saya ni memang born reckless bha kan..so to make it up for it, i need to be extra careful..yes, that's it! that's exactly who i am..Hahaha..
Kalau urang yang btul2 kenal saya mesti durang bilang saya ni jenis yang teliti, sangat detail, perfectionist, tapi sebenarnya saya bukan la jenis yang macam gitu. Saya ni sangat la careless, reckless dan pelupa..ataupun dalam b.m cemerkap (butul ka ni ah).

young kunun..perasan..haha

hemm, wokey la..cukup la sampai sini seja saya merepek. Last but not least (ceh, macam ayat dulu2 la baini kan)..Have a nice great wiken!! See ya guys! :D

Jul 7, 2011

Apa yang membuatkan lelaki itu sexy?


Entri kali ini saya mau cerita pasal perempuan..eh,lelaki..eh perempuan eh, ahh..mana-mana la..yang penting apa yang gals selalu tengok la di tubuh seorang lelaki...
Untuk menjawab persoalan tersebut..(skema pla ayat) kita kena lihat dia jenis perempuan yang macam mana..perempuan ni ada banyak jenis dan kategori. Aha, kenapa perlu tengok kategori?
Ok begini, perempuan ni ada macam-macam jenis dan lain-lain taste, dan perangai..So, it's not fair la kan kalau mau bilang semua perempuan ni sama.

Baik la, di sini saya akan buat list la supaya kamurang senang paham.

Wanita jenis 1 - Punggung (Dalam bahasa sabah pantat..hehe)
Saya boleh cakap ramai perempuan jatuh pada kategori ini. Hampir-hampir 50%..mereka ni memang suka tengok lelaki yang montok. Kalau kamu tanya kenapa? Saya pun tidak tau..tapi saya bulih buat ramalan mebi bagi durang ni, lelaki montok ni nampak mantops. Sama juga la bagi lelaki kan..suka tengok perempuan yg montok (dan terus dalam hati bilang "Oh, dangg!". Haha).

Wanita jenis 2 - Lengan
Bagi mereka ini lengan menampakkan otot kelelakian dan nampak maskulin. Perempuan jenis ini pada pandangan saya adalah jenis yang good girl dan agak pemalu sikit orangnya, mereka ini jenis yang suka curi-curi pandang pada seorang lelaki..hehehe. Ntah la, ini cuma andaian sebab saya pernah ada kenalan yang pergi ke kelas kuliah semata mata untuk tengok lecturer yang suka gulung lengan baju sewaktu mengajar (nampak lengan). Hehe..

Wanita jenis 3 - Senyuman
Ada sesetengah perempuan suka melihat senyuman seorang lelaki. Senyuman yang macam mana? bukan senyum kambing, atau senyuman sementara (c aki tau ni) haha..tapi senyuman manis seorang lelaki (ini gayboy pun tergoda ni). Apa lagi sekiranya lelaki tu good looking atau macho, tambah la dia terpikat. Wanita jenis ini biasanya suka tengok ceta korea yang sweet-sweet la kunun.haha..(pandai2 ja ko yen)

Wanita jenis 4 - Dada / belakang bidang
Wanita jenis ni biasanya suka pada lelaki yang lebih matang dan tidak terlalu 'cute' atau urang puti bilang pretty boy. Durang ni suka tengok dada/belakang lelaki yang bidang ni disebabkan dada/ belakang ni melambangkan tahap manliness atau kejantanan dan kematangan seseorang lelaki tu. Well, you know what they say..Sexy is Back..hehe!

Wanita jenis 5 - mata
"olih kerana mata, yang memmm punyai kuasa..ohh aku terguda, aku terguda terkaciwa" ..You see! Sampai ada lagu lagi tu, kuasa mata ni sememangnya tidak dapat dinafikan lagi. Ia melambangkan keikhlasan dan kejujuran seseorang. Mata juga bulih buat sepa-sepa pun terpikat, tapi bukan la mata-mata yang gatal..itu lain suda tu..haha. Kalau kamu banyak dengar lagu-lagu pun memang banyak cerita tentang mata ni..tidak kira la lagu orang putih ka, lagu melayu ka, india ka, cina ka, dusun ka, bajau ka, om ka..Semua pun banyak sentuh tentang mata.. So the bottom line is mata adalah secret weapon yang paling bahaya sekali yang ada di badan manusia. Oh hell yeah "Weapon of mass destruction" hahaha.

Hehehe..macam mana? ngam ka tida ngam..hehe. ba, that's all folks!

Sebelum Pigi Sarapan..

Haluuu everybody,

Pagi ni mari kita sarapan untuk otak dulu..Hehe. Sekarang cuba cari 8 perbezaan dalam gambar ni.

Hah..macam mana?
Sudah jumpa? Jangan pigi sarapan sebelum kamu jumpa ah..haha :D


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