Mar 3, 2012

Goosebump Music

I always wonder, why we got a goose bump whenever we hear a good i wiki for it and here is the result ;


Canadian researchers have suggested that when we are moved by music our brains behave as if reacting to delicious food, psychoactive drugs, or money. According to Caribbean Sociologist, Corey Alexander Lane, "The reaction from music is based on the memory induced emotion that some songs create."

The pleasure experience is driven by the chemical dopamine, which has been linked to addiction. It produces physical effects known as "chills" that cause changes in the skin's electrical conductance, heart rate, breathing and temperature. The responses correlate with the degree to which people rate the "pleasurability" of music.

The new research has shown that dopamine release was greatest when listeners had a strong emotional response to music. "If music-induced emotional states can lead to dopamine release, as our findings indicate, it may begin to explain why musical experiences are so valued,” wrote the scientists.

.............. that's the reason huh?..haha! Well then, now let us enjoy this music video from FT Island - Severely :D

Live performance

And the HD Version;

And here is the full music video with Eng + Hangul + Romanization lyric;


Kay Masingan said...

saya minat this group..lagu dorang yang mula2 tu..goodbye-goodbye?

Chii said...

sa x brapa minat ft island tp minat cn blue. dorg punya music lg syok :)

Yen said...

kay: ya..siok kan..ada diurg buat concert d malaysia ari tu..rugi pla nda pigi..haha.

chii: ya chii, cn blue pun siok tu..dua2 pun sa layan..hehe.

Aemy Shamy said...

aiyoo 1st time sy dengar pula..
nice info btw ;)

Yen said...

aemy: femes durang ni d korea aemy.


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