Nov 7, 2012

Let's try to be less judgemental

I know lots of us suffering from judgemental perspective of people around us..but most importantly that we do not become one.

But the real question is how?

It seems to me, we get more judgemental as we get older. First , we need keep in mind that we or human mind will subconsciously be judgemental toward is in our nature.

Whether we believe it or not, from birth we have an instinct for hypocrisy and judgementalism ..but don't let it control you. At the point that you realise you're being judgemental, STOP! Think again and remind your self any of these before you start to talk:

1) Never think that you're better person than someone

2) Try place your self in her/his shoes

3) Try to be less critical

4) Look at your self before you talk

5) Always accept people the way they are

6) Stop your desire of wanting to be right, to prove others wrong.

7) Keep in mind that everybody have their own opinion

8) Stop forcing your ideal into other people

9) Stop sticking your nose into everyhing that is not effecting your life.

10) Avoid/ Stop Gossiping

11) If you have nothing better to talk..don't talk at all.

12) Think 5 positive, uplifting, affirming things of that person/situation.

 [As stated by Chinese Zen Master Sent-ts'an]
Judgmentalism is indeed a disease of the mind: it leads to anger, torment, and conflict. But it is also the mind’s normal condition — the [subconscious] is always evaluating, always saying “Like it” or “Don’t like it.” So … you can’t simply resolve to to stop judging others or stop being a hypocrite. But, as Buddha taught, [you] can gradually learn to tame the subconscious…

Bah, chow dulu..BTW, Thanx 4 Reading :P

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